June 2018  
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Missions Intern: Sabrina Owens

You've been FLAMINGOED!

Have you seen a yard full of those lovely, plastic, pink Flamingos in Cape or Jackson? The Youth Dept at FPC is working with Sabrina Owens on a fund-raiser for Youth On Missions.

What a hilarious gift to give to your friends! For a small donation you can have your gift delivered and set up in the yard of your choice! We will leave a sign in the yard explaining it's for Missions and a sign on your door with contact information letting them know it's from YOU! We will leave your gift for two days and then pick them up.

You can also purchase FLAMINGO insurance so that your yard will never be Flamingoed!

Thank you to everyone who is helping in this missions project. Sabrina will be traveling to the Dominican Republic in July and we are excited to help her in this adventure. So if you see a yard full of FLAMINGOS around town...now you know.